network Network

The Network page contains settings related to the emulated machine’s network connectivity.

Network Interface Controllers

Network interface cards to emulate. Up to 4 independent network cards are supported.


Network emulation mode to use on this card. See Networking for more information on these.

  • None: disable networking.

  • PCap: connects directly to a host network adapter. Similar to the Bridge mode on other emulators and virtualizers.

  • SLiRP: creates a private network with a virtual router. Similar to the NAT mode on other emulators and virtualizers.


Host network adapter to use for PCap mode on this card. If no adapters appear on this list, make sure that:

  • A WinPcap-compatible driver is installed;

  • The installed driver is compatible with your version of Windows;

  • At least one compatible (wired) network adapter is present.


Network card to emulate. Only cards supported by the machine’s expansion buses will be listed.

The Configure button opens a new window with settings specific to the selected network card, such as the I/O port and IRQ for ISA cards.

The [LPT] Parallel Port Internet Protocol network adapter requires a PLIP Network device to be attached to a parallel port.