other_removable_devices Other removable devices

The Other removable devices page contains settings related to the emulated machine’s additional removable storage drives.

MO / ZIP drives

Up to four Magneto-Optical and four Iomega ZIP disk drives can be attached to the emulated system. The following settings apply to the selected drive:

  • Bus: storage bus to attach the drive to. ATAPI (IDE) and SCSI are supported.

  • Channel/ID: where to attach the drive on the selected storage bus. See Adding a new disk for more information.

  • Type (MO only): drive model to identify as. A list of drive models to choose from is provided. Each model supports different types of MO media, while the 86BOX model supports all types.

  • ZIP 250 (ZIP only): enable the drive to read and write 250 MB ZIP disks.

MO / ZIP disk images can be inserted and removed through the status bar or Media menu.